Monday, 2 June 2008

CDS China Week 06-07

1. “China's Financial System”
Sir Howard Davies , Director of LSE

2. Chinese New Year Show
(organised in conjunction with CSSA HKPASS, Chinese and Taiwanese Society.)

3. Grande Chinese Food Fair
(organised in conjunction with HKPASS, CSSA, Chinese and Taiwanese Society.)

4. Chinese Debate Competition, LSE VS UCL

5. “China in International Trade: Achievements & Future challenges”
Professor Laixiang Sun, Chinese Business and Management, SOAS

6. Film Screening: Farewell My Concubine (Ba Wang Bie Ji)

7. “Knowledge economies in China ”
Professor Danny Quah, Head of LSE Economics Department

8. Film Screening:The Last Emperor

9. “Two Faces for China Foreign Direct Investment”
Mr. Jeremy Gordon, CEO of China Busines Service

10. “An Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu”
Henry Liu, Cliff Chow

Career Events

1. CV Booster

2. Interview Workshop

3. Presentation by Watson Wyatt

4. Norton Rose Presentation
5. Interview Workshop

6. Firm Visit to Citigroup Shanghai,China

7. Deloitte Presentation

8. Deloitte Technology Department Presentation

9. Ernst & Young presentation

10. Head Hunter presentation

11. Deloitte Assessment Centre Skill Session

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